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Yoni Steaming

An Ancient and Simple Herbal Steaming for Women’s Wellness

In ancient Sanskrit, Yoni is known as “sacred temple” or pathway, a place to access our wisdom, our power. We all come from this magical profound place. And yet generally, we don't honor this sacred place.  It takes courage to reconnect with ourselves and to honor ourselves.

Yoni Steaming—also known as Vaginal Steaming—is a practice in which a woman allows the warmth of a mild organic herbal steam to permeate the exterior of her vagina up into the womb. During the steam you will be placed in a private linen room on a specially designed chair and draped in a full length robe. Respected by healers around the globe, Yoni Steaming is an opportunity to reconnect with your body.


We use only organic herbs 


“Most women consider being kind to themselves as a luxury, not a necessity. I maintain that it is a necessity.”

— Geneen Roth


Yoni Steam History

The Yoni (Vaginal) Steam dates back thousands of years and is seen in almost every indigenous culture. African, Mayan, Greek, Native American, Cook Islands, Filipino, Japanese, and many other Asian countries have described the practice as Yoni Steam, V-Steams, Vaginal Steaming, Chai-yok, or Bajos. These cultures have used Yoni steaming as a routine ritual to honor and connect with their feminine energy. Yoni Steams can be utilized to restore balance and clear away stagnation. It's popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason. 

In Chinese medicine, for example, all of the organs have emotional and energetic qualities.  Likewise, Yoni steaming allows women to reconnect with their bodies in a positive loving way which helps to clear blocked energy as it also helps with Yoni (Vaginal) wellness. There is a wisdom worth exploring in practices that have been passed down from women for centuries . We at Yoni Steam Honolulu have developed a way for women to experience a positive and relaxing way  to nurture and connect with themselves. This takes place  in our private, modern and tranquil setting.