Yoni Steam Honolulu is more than a spa to us. It's a place where women can come to heal. A place where women can connect with their inner selves. A place where women can feel like they are part of something—a sisterhood.


The Experience

Yoni Steam Honolulu is a gathering place of “sisters” to feel completely taken care of, nourished and transported out of the stress and demands of our daily lives.

Once you walk through the door our spa will transport you to an ethereal atmosphere with upbeat soothing music, private dressing rooms and individual linen spaces offering complete privacy and relaxation. We also offer a vanity counter to freshen up after services.  You will be wearing custom made Yoni gowns and seated on locally crafted monkeypod Yoni chairs that were designed by the owner.  


What to expect: 

  1. Upon entering Yoni Steam Honolulu you be warmly greeted. 

  2. You will fill out a confidential form indicating your specific needs.

  3. You will be provided a private dressing room to change into a full length gown that fits all body types and shapes.

  4. Keyed lockers are provided for your personal effects.

  5. Your customized blend of herbs is created and added to a pot of mildly steamed water.

  6. During the Yoni steaming, you are within the privacy of linen walls in a full length gown. This is a very gentle process which involves sitting on a custom, one of a kind Yoni chair designed by the owner with a cushioned seat that has an opening. Each seat is thoroughly sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant after use and then covered in a freshly cleaned towel. 

  7. After 45 minutes of complete relaxation, you will return to the private dressing room. If needed you may freshen up from the complimentary vanity counter provided with sanitized hair brushes and products. 

  8. Complimentary healthy beverages and treats will be served.

  9. We hope you will leave with a renewed sense of calmness and joy.

Allison Nahoopii, Owner

My journey began by first attending and later helping to run women's retreats solely focused on women's journey of self love. This led me and our practitioners to complete an intensive Yoni Steam certification class. Our training focused on successful implementation of organic herbal Yoni steam healing. Most other steams utilize one herb for general needs. Yoni steaming is a comprehensive technique that combines a variety of organic herbs to target your specific needs identified during our intake process.

The vision of Yoni Steam Honolulu continues to expand my mission of female empowerment and radical self love. After owning and operating a successful hair salon for over 25 years, Color Queen Salon, it has become apparent that the most rewarding experience comes from a woman truly connecting with herself and experiencing a sense of self worth. I keep getting a sense of complete exhaustion from women that selflessly care and give to others.

I felt called to offer a spa that was solely focused on female radical self love, and I hope to provide a place where a woman can feel truly nurtured and cared for. I am excited and honored to open a spa in Honolulu and offer this service for women to give back to themselves, joining with the other women across the continental US and internationally.